“Our design philosophy is Serve innovative services in all your budget. “Artistry of Space”, combining classic design principles of proportion and balance with expert space planning.”

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How Our Company Works
Site Visit, Analyzing & Pricing
Design, Material selection and execution
Cleaning & finalization with perfection
What They Say
  • Her work is neat and modern, she created the house exactly as I had imagined. The word that I would associate with her work is ‘finesse'.
    Manish Shah
  • My house was a challenge and I wasn't sure what much could be done with a space that small but when she was done designing it, I could not believe how amazing it turned out.
    Kashish Mirani
  • Working with Tejashree was an excellent experience. The renovation of our house met the ideal hands. We just clicked well with what we had in mind and what she wanted to execute.
    Misha Kursija

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Imperial Designer is a full-service interior designer and decorator that specializes in commercial, residential and office spaces for decades. For the past 5 years in tenure, we have been striving to make our designs unique as the clients we deal with. We are simply the best when it comes to finding a one-stop service without additional vendor management. We strategies by planning the outcome of the end result
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